Mike Goodall acquires an unusual Goodall item: A nice portable “Cribbage” set . . .

Mike Goodall very kindly supplied me with a few details regarding a Chas. Goodall & Son Cribbage set he recently added to his collection.  Here is an image:

Cribbage set

This must be a very scarce set.  Mike had never seen one before.  (Neither had I, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.)  The components of the set, including the booklet (see this post for discussion of a different copy of the Fifth Edition) and the playing card design (like most Goodall designs I have seen) are quite attractive.

Based on the earlier post just mentioned, I would guess that the set dates from the area of 1900, but due to the vagaries of date-establishing, I am not certain.

The box also looks also attractive, and the finish appears to be a grained substance of the kind found on many card-game booklets published by Goodall.

Cribbage is played with a 52-card pack, and it always seems strange to me that it is a “card game,” when it uses such a characteristic board.  In this case, you can see, from the hinges, that the board is made to fold up.  I gather that the board, when folded, fits into one side of the box, making a very compact unit.

A very nice find!

—Tom Sawyer

November 19, 2013

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