The 175th anniversary of Professor Hoffmann’s birth is coming up soon . . .

Professor Hoffmann was born on July 23, 1839.  Therefore, July 23, 2014 will mark the 175th anniversary of his birth.

That birthdate seems like a long time ago.  It seems to place Hoffmann back in some kind of era of ancient history.

On the other hand, I first became interested in Hoffmann in 1965 or so.  That was only about 46 years after he passed away (in 1919) — and that almost makes me feel as though Hoffmann and I are part of the same generation!  As for my date of birth — it was 1949, only about 30 years after Hoffmann died.

Obviously, there are still many people around who were alive at the time Hoffmann died.

—Tom Sawyer

July 14, 2014

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