New blog relating to authorship issues as to S.W. Erdnase and “The Expert at the Card Table” . . .

I presently have quite a few blogs. Some are dormant. The ones that are now active relate to the artist Frank Godwin, card-game booklets (this blog), UFOs, very early UCLA football history (mainly 1919 to 1939), and a blog that I just started today.

The newest one deals with the authorship issues relating to S.W. Erdnase.

S.W. Erdnase is, of course, the author of The Expert at the Card Table, first published in 1902. The general subject matter of the blog is more apt to be of more interest to readers of this blog than most of my other blogs — I guess because it tangentially has to do with playing cards, in a way.

I had another blog on Erdnase that in time became quite extensive, but that has not been generally viewable for I think more than two years.

Regarding my new blog, here is something I said about it on the actual new blog itself:

This blog — as I now envision it — is going to have two main functions. (This could easily change as time goes on.)

First, as I mentioned in the preceding post, I am now working on another book about Erdnase. I have not decided for certain what the title will be. At the moment, I am considering My Quest for S.W. Erdnase. Anyway, this blog may provide some insights into the development process that underlies that forthcoming book, and I hope it will serve the function of promoting that book — and also be a means by which copies of the book will be sold.

Traditionally, I have done a terrible job of promoting my own writings. I don’t belong to any magic organizations. I have never spoken at any magic conference or convention. (I’m pretty sure that is often part of the marketing plan of people who are promoting their books: speak at the LA Conference on Magic History, or at a Collector’s Weekend, or the like.) I have done little or no direct “pushing” of sales of my works on the Genii Forum, or, for that matter, on any of my blogs. (Lots of people have used the Genii Forum to hawk their wares.)

The second principal function of this blog will be to develop what might be called “a plan for looking at and investigating authorship issues relating to The Expert at the Card Table.” The plan I develop here during the next few months or so may be reflected directly in the organization and contents of my new Erdnase book, or it may not. But it should be of interest either way. And I’ll almost certainly use material from this blog in the final book. I also expect to use a great deal of the material in my old Erdnase blog in the book.

So, if you think that might be of interest, please visit the blog.  Here is a link:  New Erdnase blog.

—Tom Sawyer

July 27, 2014

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