Speaking of “chopped off” — an oddball copy of “Selected Patience Games” . . .

The eBay dealer who uses the handle “bluemalchut” (you’ll find his real name in his eBay store) always has a lot of desirable items for sale.  In the past I have bought many great Goodall booklets from him.

One very strange — and very interesting — item he now has listed is a Goodall Patience Games set with a 1920 Angelo Lewis Selected Patience Games.

So, what is strange?  A chunk of the title page was chopped off, obviously during the manufacturing process–so much so that the top line of the red box on the title page is missing.  I don’t know whether this affected anything other than the first leaf, and (I would suppose) the last leaf.

Now, there may be some people who are particularly interested in booklets with interesting manufacturing defects.  I am pretty interested in them myself, because, hey, they are unusual and they reveal that the manufacturing process (and quality-control measures) are not perfect.  And this is the first booklet I have seen with such a significant manufacturing problem.

So, what is the whole set worth?  Well, the price stated in the listing is probably right on target.  Looking at it one way, the defect detracts, but on the other hand, it is so interesting that it adds — so a “normal” price is about right.

However . . . if it were a $500 item — then the defect would more than cancel out the interestingness — at least, if you could find the item elsewhere without the manufacturing problem.  If you couldn’t find it elsewhere, you just have to make up your mind how much you want it.  An extreme example of this is the Mona Lisa.  If a vandal placed a one-inch scratch in the bottom corner — it’s still the Mona Lisa, and I don’t think that would hurt the value one iota.

I hope someone reading this is interested enough to buy it.  If it remains unsold for more than a week or so, I may purchase it myself.

Note:  Usually, as a matter of policy, I don’t discuss eBay items on this blog before the listing ends, though there are exceptions!

—Tom Sawyer

January 29, 2015

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