Comments on a Goodall and Son Bezique set from perhaps the early 1880s . . .

My most recent card-game related acquisition arrived about a month ago.  It is a four-pack Bezique set in a “cardboard” box.  It includes a copy of a “Fourteenth Edition” of The Royal Game of Bezique, by Camden.  The main reason I was especially interested in the set was that the design on backs of one of the packs is similar to the “Erdnase 216” pack issued by the Conjuring Arts Research Center.

I posted a little post about that on the Genii Forum’s Erdnase thread.  Nobody showed any interest in it!  (Well, at least, no one posted any reply, or said, “That’s interesting.”)

Here is a link to the Genii Forum post:  Link to S.W. Erdnase thread.

I hope to post images of the backs in the near future.

—Tom Sawyer

February 18, 2014

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