A few comments on a circa-1912 Kuhn Khan set issued by Goodall . . .

There is something I do not quite understand about the name of Kuhn Khan. It seems as though it should have been called Khun Khan, with the “h” as the second letter of each word. Or perhaps Kuhn Kahn, with the “h” as the third letter of each. But the way it is, well, it is pretty hard to get it right.

I do not remember when I acquired the set discussed in this post, but it was several years ago.  There are no cards in this set, or I should say, the cards are missing from it.

The booklet, by Nemo, is dated 1912, and that is also the date stated by Jessel for what I presume was a first edition. The title page is very different from a 1913 version I discussed on this blog back in 1911.  For comparison, I show the title page of each, below.

First, images of the box. The box is very roughly eight inches in width, so it is quite small. Top image is the top, next is the front, next is a side.




Below are shown the scoring pads.  There are actually four pads, including two sets of two hinged-together pads. (But the two pads on the right (stacked) have become separated. The bulged areas are pencil-holders (pencils have taken a hike to somewhere unknown).


The front cover of the booklet:


The title page and inside front-cover:


The title page and inside front-cover of a 1913 version, for comparison:

Kuhn Khan black_0002 sat bri

—Tom Sawyer

February 17, 2017

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