A post on Cavendish’s “Pocket Rules for Leading at Whist,” as published by De La Rue

This is a brief post relating to Cavendish’s Pocket Rules for Leading at Whist, as published by De La Rue.  Below is a scan of the front covers of the two copies in my possession. I have discussed this title before on this blog, and I showed a scan of the booklet on the left.  This is a better scan, though.


The booklet on the left is dated 1869, and is probably a second edition, as I discuss in an earlier post. The one on the right bears the date 1885, and it is stated to be a seventh edition.

Both booklets have 18 pages.  A question that immediately arises is, “Are the contents identical?”

And the answer to this is an emphatic, “No!”

Of course there is a lot of overlap.  But the following two extracts (from page 8 of each booklet) demonstrate that the content is not the same in both. First, from the earlier version:


Next, the corresponding section from the later version. The hearts are “solid” on the cards shown, and the text is different as well:


I will probably post more about these booklets within the next couple of days.

—Tom Sawyer

February 28, 2017

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