The three formats of “The Royal Game of Bezique” as published by Charles Goodall & Son . . .

Below is a scan showing the three formats of The Royal Game of Bezique as published by Charles Goodall & Son. The largest is a rather interesting early printing. This is apparently a two-toned variation of the large-format version listed in Mike Goodall’s recent book on Goodall booklet-covers.

As discussed in some detail elsewhere in this blog, it seems likely that the “second edition” was published in 1868.  It appears that no one has made note of the existence of a first edition, and its nature appears to be unknown.

By “format,” I am speaking of the height and width. There were at least three (yes, three) other cover-designs completely different from those shown below.

The two large-format versions below have similar, if not identical text. I suspect that all other printings have text that is quite different from those.

Selected Patience Games SPG 030817 folded tp 1923 5

I hope to write more about The Royal Game of Bezique in the future.

—Tom Sawyer

March 8, 2017

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