UPDATED POST: A brief note on my forthcoming book on Professor Hoffmann’s card-game booklets . . .

My forthcoming book on Professor Hoffmann’s card-game booklets will probably be published in August or thereabouts. I will be self-publishing the book. This post is more or less an updated version of a previous post on the subject, which I took down.

Now, if you already contacted me in light of that other post (or in light of a related post on one of my other blogs), you can disregard this post. Also, if I have been in direct communication with you about that work during the past seven months (this includes David Levy and Mike Goodall), YOU DON’T NEED TO CONTACT ME.

But everybody else:  If there is the remotest chance that you might be interested in purchasing a copy, you should contact me as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is pretty likely that you will NOT have the opportunity of purchasing a copy of the first printing at any time soon, if at all.

I pretty much need to know IN ADVANCE if you might be interested, because I plan to have only a small number of copies printed (of the first printing).

How small? I’m not sure, but I am currently contemplating a first printing of about 52 copies.


If you check this blog frequently, you may find some kind of marketing taking place after I receive copies, and I suppose you probably will.  But I suspect that few people check this blog at frequent intervals.

Anyway, if you might be interested, please send me an email at the following address, and just say something simple, like, “I might be interested in the book.”



The book on Hoffmann’s card-game booklets will probably also be softcover.

—Tom Sawyer

March 17, 2017

Revised 5 26 17

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