A superficial treatment of the evolution of “Selected Patience Games,” by Professor Hoffmann in the post-1922 era . . .

This will be a quick and superficial discussion of the topic mentioned in the title.

Selected Patience Games, by Professor Hoffmann, which included games from two of Hoffmann’s earlier Goodall booklets on patience games, underwent various changes at various times. This post just hits a few points, without pretending to be anything like a comprehensive treatment. This will focus on three printings, a Goodall printing dated 1909 (obviously not post-1922, but included for context), a 1923 printing from the period after Goodall and De La Rue joined together, and a Wills publication (printed by De La Rue) dated 1933. I am not at all certain, but the last mentioned work may conceivably be the most recent version of Selected Patience Games.

I don’t think Hoffmann had anything to do with the games that differed from those in the 1909 version.

The Table of Contents is shown for each, below, in chronological order (left to right).

Early Goodall 3 3 17 3 copya

1909 printing: 20 games

1923 printing: 21 games (adds Golf Patience)

1933 printing: 22 games (adds 6 more games [I should have marked Poker Patience in red.]; deletes The Travellers, New York Patience, St. Helena Patience, Bismarck Patience,  and Triplets [I should have marked all five in blue in the 1923-booklet image.])

I have not checked to see whether the “new” games are truly different from the ones they replace, or whether they might simply be title changes. (Well, I did a little investigating relating to that, which did not involve this Wills version directly, but what I saw seemed to indicate different games.)

—Tom Sawyer

June 4, 2017

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