Looking at Professor Hoffmann’s “Selected Patience Games” from early during the Goodall-De La Rue period . . .

This is a follow-up to the preceding post, which I just posted a little while ago. I prepared a lot of this post back in March, so please don’t get the idea that I could throw a post like this together in just a few minutes.

In my forthcoming bibliography of Professor Hoffmann’s Goodall booklets, I do not expect to talk much about booklets that appeared after 1922, so I really doubt that the information in this post will appear in the bibliography (at least as to the first printing of the bibliography).

I have, I suppose, many copies of Professor Hoffmann’s Selected Patience Games, perhaps ten or so, and several are from very early in the period after the combination of Chas. Goodall & Son and Thos. De La Rue, which can be thought of as having taken place in 1921 or 1922, I guess depending on what you measure from. I thought it would be interesting to quickly examine those booklets in a post, hence this entry.

There are several scans below. The top two in each scan are dated 1923, and the bottom two are dated 1925 and 1924, in that sequence.  I plunked them onto the scanner bed chronologically when viewed from above the scanner, but of course that becomes flipped when you look at them from underneath, which is what the scanner did.

Obviously, they all appeared under Hoffmann’s real name (with pen name in parentheses).

I don’t notice any differences between the two 1923 printings. The 1924 and 1925 printings appear the same as each other, except for the dates, and the fact that in the Table of Contents, the 1925 version lacks the “5” (that is, the designation of page 5 for the Introduction). They differ from the 1923 booklets principally with respect to the inside front-covers and inside back-covers, and the addition of Golf Patience.

—Tom Sawyer

June 4, 2017

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