A little change to the title of this blog . . .

For quite a few years now (since apparently December 2010), this blog has been called “A blog about card-game rule-booklets published by Charles Goodall & Son during the period 1868 to 1922.”

David Levy suggested to me (“way back when”) that “rule booklets” might not be the optimal terminology, since few if any of the booklets are simply enumerations of rules, although probably many do include such.

As I recall, I had already been thinking in those terms myself. And pretty soon I largely stopped calling them rule booklets.

(The foregoing is from memory, so it may be somewhat inaccurate.)

Anyway, the web address of this blog is https://rulebooklets.wordpress.com, so there I pretty much set the “rule” stuff in concrete.

But one change that would have been very easy to make would be to change the title by dropping the term “rule-booklets” and replacing it with the word “booklets.”

So, that is what I have done!

Tom Sawyer

June 22, 2017

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