A beautiful, early Goodall Bézique box . . .

This is a box I acquired recently on eBay, from bluemalchut.

I don’t know exactly when it was issued, but it has to be pretty early. I think it is safe to say that Goodall’s first Bézique sets were issued in 1868, and I suspect that this box is from around that time. It’s from a four-pack set. (The contents are gone.)

There is an interesting label on the inside of the cover. (I do have a complete Goodall Bézique set that has a similar label — scaled down, because it is from a two-pack set.)

The label does not tell us who wrote The Royal Game of Bezique, but it does say that Goodall’s Bézique sets come with “concise rules written by an experienced player.”

My recently acquired box is very sturdy, and of somewhat complex construction. It is basically what I would call “cardboard.”

The top:

Historic for cover more of QS 300 1.jpeg


The front:

Historic for cover more of QS 300 2.jpeg


—Tom Sawyer

July 28, 2017

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