Another Goodall four-pack Bézique box, not as beautiful as the one discussed in the preceding post . . .

In the preceding post, I discussed a really nice Bézique box. It was the box alone, not a complete set.

A while ago (over two years ago), I acquired a complete set that overall must have been one of Goodall’s “budget” items.

The box is not in the greatest condition, but the top is still good.  Here is a scan:

Historic for cover more of QS 300.jpeg

Notice that the central design (on a label affixed to the box) is the same as that of the box discussed before.  Below is a black-and-white (and heavily edited) version of the center of the other box’s design, bringing out a lot of the lines more clearly:

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 9.03.01 PM.png

But back on the “current” box . . . it included four 32-card packs, each with a different back. Here are the backs:

Goodall cards cropped.jpg

These backs are complex and attractive, but on the other hand they are kinda like wallpaper, highly repetitive within themselves and not the result of a whole lot of creativity.

They are not exactly what I think of when I ponder Goodall’s card-back designs.

As for the flip sides, the cards were printed in red and black:

Goodall cards from Bezique set.jpg


Cool looking, but again, probably indicative of a set that was a less expensive item.

Then there are the registers, not exactly deluxe models:

Historic for cover more of QS 300 5.jpeg

Historic for cover more of QS 300 6.jpeg

The set was accompanied by a “Fourteenth Edition” of The Royal Game of Bézique. I suspect that the set dates from the early 1880s.

—Tom Sawyer

July 29, 2017

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