I’m ALMOST ready to sell copies of my new “A Bibliography of Card-Game Booklets Written by Professor Hoffmann” . . .

(A post similar to this will be posted on another blog of mine as well.)

Yesterday I finally unboxed some of the copies of my new A Bibliography of Card-Game Booklets Written by Professor Hoffmann.

Recently, I had planned to wait on offering that book for sale till I was in possession of copies of the third edition of another book by me, but I changed my mind on that, and I am treating them more or less as separate projects (which, really, they are).

Anyway, I was quite delighted with the look of the book. It think it is safe to say that, if anything, it exceeded my realistic expectations.  The cover is quite beautiful, and though I have not examined the interior images in detail, on a quick look, overall they look great!

Later today (Sunday) I hope to finalize my initial plans for the selling of copies. I can tell you now that for a number of reasons, I expect to handle sale of the book solely, or ALMOST solely, via eBay. I expect to provide many further details on this blog later today, or perhaps on Monday. I expect to provide a few further details on Monday or Tuesday. I do expect copies to be for sale this week.

Below are a few photos of the first batch that I unboxed—basically the same books from three different angles.




—Tom Sawyer

October 1, 2017

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