More of Goodall’s “Time’s Footsteps,” this time for 1881 . . .

Below are scans of portions of another one of the Goodall calendars in the “Time’s Footsteps” series. This one takes the form of a little booklet (about the size of a Bridge playing-card). The front and back covers are light card-stock (of one piece). The interior is on lighter paper-stock and consists of eight pages.

I assume that there is a version of this distributed in England, but this one has content customized for distribution in the United States. For example, you can see in one of the images that the “Value of Foreign Money” (now of course far out of date) converts values into dollars and cents. I hope to get into that further in the future.

The calendar itself (not shown here) is on the inside front-cover.

Here are the front and back covers (back on the left, front on the right).


Below are pages [2] and [3].

Scan 1.jpeg

Below are pages [4] and [5].

Scan 2.jpeg

—Tom Sawyer

January 5, 2017

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