Looking at some stats from prior years . . . also, my 2017 bibliography is again available for purchase on eBay . . .

I now have a listing on eBay through which I am offering (for sale at a fixed price) copies of my bibliography of Professor Hoffmann’s card game booklets. I published that last year.  The first printing was quite small. You should be able to find the listing if you use search terms like Sawyer bibliography Hoffmann.

This blog has now been running a long time, something over seven years.

In looking at some stats that are available to me (on my stats page on WordPress), I have occasionally been struck by the constancy of interest in some posts, and non-interest in others.

Here are lists of the top five posts, based on “views,” from 2013 through 2017, from my Stats page. As I have said before, these stats can be misleading, but overall they probably present a fairly accurate picture.

You can ignore the posts at position five in each list. There are two posts (both dealing with Camden’s Bezique booklet) that were in the top four posts ALL FIVE YEARS! The TOP POST in four of the five years was a post on scarcity and rarity.

If you ignore the problem of different editions, the Bezique booklet is probably the most common. It probably appears on eBay more than any others.  I suspect that the high ranking is because of sellers doing research on the items they are listing.   : (

—Tom Sawyer

May 19, 2018



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