I have received the books from the printer, but it will be a while before any are distributed or offered for sale!!!

Today I took possession of 53 copies of A Bibliography of Card-Game Booklets Written by Professor Hoffmann. They are in two boxes which arrived earlier today, and which I have not opened yet.

There is a certain amount of customization that I expect to implement regarding copies of the bibliography, and that is going to take some time and experimentation.

Also, I am heavily involved with another project which I want to complete before I offer copies of the bibliography for sale.

Then again, I have to (or want to) allocate time to other miscellaneous activities. Half of my problems (okay, I exaggerate) in life have been related to faulty predictions as to when I expect to be finished with various projects. I hope to avoid that in this case.

I’ll probably post little updates from time to time!

—Tom Sawyer

August 29, 2017

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