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Speaking of “chopped off” — an oddball copy of “Selected Patience Games” . . .

The eBay dealer who uses the handle “bluemalchut” (you’ll find his real name in his eBay store) always has a lot of desirable items for sale.  In the past I have bought many great Goodall booklets from him. One very … Continue reading

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The “new look” of this blog — Professor Hoffmann, and (probably) William Taunton . . .

I tried about five different things, and wound up with the present design.  The header is from a copy of Professor Hoffmann’s Patience, With the Joker.  I know it looks slanted and chopped-off.  That is supposed to be artistic. The … Continue reading

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This blog will have a different look soon . . .

I am about to jettison — for the time being — the present “look” of this blog (basically, the background and the header). Here is what it looks like now: This is based on parts of cover-designs that were produced … Continue reading

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