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A post on Cavendish’s “Pocket Rules for Leading at Whist,” as published by De La Rue

This is a brief post relating to Cavendish’s Pocket Rules for Leading at Whist, as published by De La Rue.  Below is a scan of the front covers of the two copies in my possession. I have discussed this title before on … Continue reading

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“The History of the Decline and Fall of Goodall Card-Game Booklets,” by Edward Gibbon . . .

Okay, so Edward Gibbon (1737-1794) did not write a book by that title, though he could have, if he had lived 150 years later than he did. This blog mainly has focussed on the Goodall card-game booklets to 1922 or thereabouts. … Continue reading

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A few comments on a circa-1912 Kuhn Khan set issued by Goodall . . .

There is something I do not quite understand about the name of Kuhn Khan. It seems as though it should have been called Khun Khan, with the “h” as the second letter of each word. Or perhaps Kuhn Kahn, with … Continue reading

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Further comments on the sixth edition and seventh edition Professor Hoffmann’s “Rubicon Bezique” . . .

The earliest Professor Hoffmann booklets published by Goodall were first published in 1895. These included Bridge Whist, Ecarte, Piquet, and Rubicon Bezique. Back in 2011, I discussed, in separate posts, the sixth and seventh editions of Professor Hoffmann’s Rubicon Bezique. I … Continue reading

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