Re a little booklet I issued eons ago . . .

I the course of my life, I have issued a few items which I set the type for and printed on my own little printing press. One of those was a little item I called Angelo Lewis: Other Than Magic. I do not believe that this was intended as much more than a keepsake, though it actually did include some cognizable content.

There were 26 lettered copies, and the “book” was — get this — about the size of a playing card. This was back in 1977. The first image shows the scale, with the booklet next to a Goodall booklet. The cover is a sort of wood-grained flexible material with (as I recall) adhesive on the reverse.  Overall, I think it looks fine. No all copies had that deluxe finish.  Some had covers of construction paper.

Historic for cover more of QS 300.jpeg

The next image shows the “lining” of the cover of this copy.  It is construction paper, and I believe that is the type of paper I used by itself on certain other copies.

Historic for cover more of QS 300 1.jpeg

Historic for cover more of QS 300 2.jpeg

Historic for cover more of QS 300 3.jpeg

The page on the right above is the last page with printing. It has a blank verso, and then there is a final leaf, blank on both sides.

—Tom Sawyer

July 31, 2017

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